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Run after me !

reality is for people what can't handle Drugs.

 Run after me !



Run after me !

Here's to America, land of the push;

Where a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

But if in the bush a fair maiden should stand,

Then a push in the bush is worth two in the hand.

Run after me !

The sex life of the camel

Is not as dull as one thinks

For in moments of animal passion,

He makes crude attempts at the Sphinx.

But the Sphinx's posterior passage

Is clogged with the sands of the Nile,

Which accounts for the hump on the camel,

And the Sphinx's inscrutable smile.

Run after me !

A social glass and a social lass go very well together,

But a social lass with a social ass I deem a damn sight better.

So here's to the glass and the lass and the ass,

May the meet in all kinds of weather -

We'll drink of the glass and feel of the ass

And make the lass feel better.

Run after me !

She offered her honor,

He honored her offer,

and all night long,

He was on her and off her....

Run after me !

Cher Doesn't like Sunny's bono'o.

Run after me !

What is the simularity between a female virgin and a hemofeliac?

-One prick and It's all over!!

Run after me !

What did the gum say to the tennis shoe??

I'm stuck to you!!!!

Run after me !

She gets stiff when they sniff, but the dogs think it's terriff....

Run after me !

Q: Why don't guys from Minnesota like girls from

same going out with guys from Wisconsin?

A: Have you ever seen a gopher hole when a

badger gets throught with it?

Run after me !

what is the definition of insignificant?

runnning into a brick wall with an erection and breaking your nose!

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