Introducing the fully featured Office Suite of the Millennium!!

Office 2000

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Office 2000 is 100% guaranteed to be Year 2000 Compliant.*

Office 2000 brings together productivity applications in a unified work environment, making it easy to organize your information and tasks.

Office 2000 helps you improve your performance by providing unparalleled consistency between applications, such as common keypresses, procedures, and hands-on features. Now, you can get your work done faster and better than ever before.

Office 2000 now includes Mail -- a powerful new information communication manager. Daybook™ keeps your mail messages, appointments, contacts, tasks, and access to your documents in one place. And it's tightly integrated with all Office 2000 applications, making it easy for you to organize, view, and share the information you work with every day.


Office 2000 includes:

A full featured word processor: TYPER 2000™

Get the hands-on feel with the Push-Plunk™ keyboard developed by Underwood.

Common settings (tab and margin settings, page size and orientation, and colour selection) changed easily with the flip of your wrist. You no longer have to weed your way through the annoying maze of menus.

Start-Type™ technology allows you to begin typing anywhere on the page.

PA-TING!™ enhanced sound module for Near End Of Line warnings.

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A versatile calculation manager: ADDER 2000™

Calculate long series of numbers quickly and easily.

Import the calculated to Office-Etcher™ in order to create stunning graphs

Ergonomic keys and levers use KCCCCTTTTT CCCHHH!!™ technology developed by the Smith Corona Corporation.


Easy to use presentation graphics: OFFICE-ETCHER 2000™

Impress your clients with Office-Etcher™ 2000

Create stunning graphics for presentations

In conjunction with Adder 2000™, create sophisticated graphs

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An easily expandable, modifiable database: DATA-HANDLER 2000™

Easy to modify fields: Set each as text, numerical, percentage, or calculation.

Easy to expand. Simply purchase additional modules


Modular multitasking design tool: PEN 2000™

Take Pen2000™ with you to meetings, to luncheons, or even home to get work done quickly and efficiently.

The multitasking ability of Pen2000™ allows you to draw, print, and label simultaneously.

Pen2000™ works with all portions of Office 2000 and allows easy import and export of information between Office applications.

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System Requirements for Office 2000:

  • 2 hands – 5 fingers on each
  • 1 eye (2 eyes are recommended for depth perception)
  • Muscular system with fine motor control
* If Office 2000 displays any date discrepancies after January 1, 2000, which are not the fault of the operator**, our company will refund 300% of the purchase price to the original purchaser.

** It is the function of the operator to have an updated, year 2000 compliant calendar on the wall.


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